We design, supply, install and maintain CCTV systems; from affordable residential solutions to large applications for public sector and industry; from a single dummy camera, to a multi-camera networked system. We can also undertake bespoke installations for example; public events, remote locations, temporary sites, in-vehicle systems, farming & animal care etc.

Thanks to recent advances in technology, high performance devices such as night vision cameras and digital video recorders are now affordable to all. We use only the latest technology in all of our installations to ensure that you, your property and possessions are reliably protected by the best there is.

In addition to all the usual functions you’d expect from a conventional CCTV system, ours are packed full with user friendly features that allow you to see, hear and control your property whenever and wherever you like.*

Get more out of your system in…


Check that the kids are safely home from school…whilst you're still at work.

Keep an eye on your home…whilst you're on holiday OR make sure the maintenance is being done at your overseas property…whilst you’re at home.

Open a gate to take a home delivery…from the convenience of your office desk.

Search your premises for intruders…before attending an alarm activation call in the middle of the night, and remotely switch on lights.

Make sure your office or shop is running smoothly… whilst you’re out & about or travelling.

Monitor the welfare of an elderly relative…when you can’t be there with them.

Receive an alert if a panic button is pressed or, if no movement is detected for a prolonged period of time. Immediately visit the house via the cameras to investigate OR Have a 2-way conversation for example, to provide reassurance that help is on its way OR Switch on lights until help arrives.

Provision of web address
First and foremost, this is the portal connecting your system to the outside world. We provide your site with a unique internet address which enables all of the systems' great remote functions. Your internet service provider could charge you as much as £70 per year for a similar service, alone!

Preventative maintenance visits
An engineer will attend your property to conduct a comprehensive maintenance inspection of your system. The purpose of this visit is to ensure that all equipment is fully operational and performing to the best of its ability. All components are thoroughly checked and cleaned and we also take this opportunity to identify and rectify any potential faults.

Remote maintenance checks
We will conduct a remote 12-point check on your system. A sort of "cyber-service". Although not as thorough as a maintenance visit, there are a still a number of useful checks we can make remotely and this helps reduce future breakdowns and call-outs. Following each check we email you with all of the results and details of any faults or issues if they are identified. For example: "Camera 2 (Back door) was obscured with dirt on 20th September. Lens remains blocked, cleaning advised".

Evidential Media Production
In the event of an incident whereby images are required by yourself or the Police we provide 2 services to assist with this: 1) An engineer will attend your property and copy the incident to a disc(s), also providing a full written statement. Fee £45.00 2) Contact us with the incident details and we will remotely download the data and produce a disc(s), these are immediately mailed via recorded delivery to your address along with a full written statement. Fee £25.00.

Emergency replacement equipment
System down time can be a major concern as it decreases your properties' level of protection. Therefore in the event of your system being non-operational due to a fault or damage, for example damage to an external camera, we will temporarily replace the device whilst yours is in for repair/replacement.

Already have a CCTV system, but would like these extra benefits?
The chances are, no matter how big or small your setup, we can get you up and running with a Stealth system whilst retaining most of your existing equipment! A cheap and efficient way of coming aboard.



If you require more than one system for example; Your UK and Overseas property, a fleet of Taxis, chain of shops… Please ask about our competitive package deals.

* Broadband connection with a minimum upload speed of 250kbps is required at the CCTV site. YOU CAN CHECK YOUR SPEED HERE


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