Every year hundreds of businesses in the UK are victims of internal fraud, theft and damages, resulting in billions of pounds of lost revenue. Approximately 80% of corporate fraud involves employees and sadly internal fraud is on the increase in the current economic climate.

Whilst many businesses have general CCTV in place to minimise this risk, when it comes to targeting personnel within an organisation, it can be difficult… How do you catch someone in the act when they have reason to be there and know where all the cameras are?

Our Covert Observation Service was set up to provide a confidential solution to business and home owners who require hidden recording devices to combat a specific problem or crime.

For Example
  • Theft of money and assets
  • Theft of confidential information (such as customer lists)
  • Theft of goods
  • Diversion of business away from your company
  • Criminal damage
  • Fly-tipping

Using the latest in micro technology and covert installation techniques we can provide you with video and audio coverage of almost any area internally or externally of any building without the knowledge of its occupants.*

We truly live up to our company name in this department and can assure you that from our initial survey through to the installation we will be 'invisible' in completing our task. We are able to carry out installations at a time convenient for you and your business. This includes out of business hours and at weekends.

We also have vehicles, clothing and props to appear as operatives from other trades, even our correspondence and communication is conducted under a pseudo name.

We offer these installations as both permanent and lease-based arrangements.

Using compact tracking devices we can locate items stolen from your premises. Targets can be found with pin point accuracy, even when concealed. Working in the open air, inside metal containers, buildings and enclosed spaces even in some cases detecting items that have been buried.

Not only does this allow you to recover the stolen item, but the information gained combined with covert video evidence will ensure you have a strong case for criminal investigation or dismissal procedures.

* Subject to survey, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, ICO CCTV Code of Practice 2008.



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